November 15, 2015: That Moment of Happy Connection

Yesterday I was sketching one of my favorite sculptures of the 2015 River City Sculptures on Parade. It’s called “Gossip,” and it was created by Shohini Ghosh, from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She wrote this about the sculpture: “The inspiration for this piece is the therapeutic benefits felt by women when they get together and discuss life. This depicts ‘that’ moment of happy connection women share.”

While I stood there drawing, two women came up and struck up a conversation. We soon discovered we are all named “Sue,” which made us laugh. We laughed again after one of the ladies told a story on herself about an embarrassing incident from years ago.

When I was finishing this drawing at home, the serendipitous chat with the two other “Sue’s” still echoed warmly in my ears. I thought about the way our circle of three had indeed experienced “‘that’ moment of happy connection.” Life had imitated art. I think the sculptor would be pleased. I certainly was.