November 6, 2017: Working for Change While Appreciating the What-Is

There are so many other political issues that I could get wrapped up in these days, but I might not get anything else done. After all, there's the daily work to do, family members and friends from various places to stay connected with, leaves to rake, a life to live...

That’s why when it comes to politics, I am focusing on what I think is one of the major issues faced by humanity: climate change. I belong to the local chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby. Our informational meetings, held the second Saturday of each month, help me write informed letters to our representatives. For example, this week I’ll be encouraging our House rep to join the bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus – a group in the U.S. House of Representatives that explores policy options to address the challenges of climate change. There are currently 60 members – half Democrat and half Republican, with membership kept even between the two groups.

Even as I work through the CCL toward “what could be,” I also make time for other activities that fill me with appreciation of the “what is.”

Thus my time spent painting yesterday. Here's another sketch from the #housesinthehood series. This time, it’s our house. I drew some light pencil lines, then used gouache paint for the colors, then black and grey soft brush pens for the darker lines. The hour spent on the sketch helped give me fuel for the week ahead.

And for contacting Mr. Steve King about the Climate Solutions Caucus. Stranger things have happened...right?